80 Types of Beautiful White Flowers Names with Pictures

In today's article, the white flowers name has been shared with you. And along with the list of names of white flowers given here, white flowers images have also been given so that you can easily identify all the flowers.

Flowers are found in many colors in nature, but white flowers have their own place. Along with looking adorable, many of those flowers also have a very nice scent. Besides being beautiful, attractive, and aromatic, they are also useful. So today we are going to tell you some similar big and small white flowers names.

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures
White Flowers Names

The flower is a symbol of happiness. The fragrance emanating from them spreads freshness in the atmosphere. Festivals, weddings, ceremonies etc. are incomplete without flowers. There are many types of flowers found all over the world and these flowers are often named on the basis of their properties or uses. And these flowers also have scientific names.

Everyone has their own choice about flowers, many people like red color in flowers and many people like yellow flowers. Sometimes we need a list of names of such flowers. Because white color has its own special importance in the world of flowers. If we list the white flowers that grow around the world, it is very long. That is why we have compiled a list of some useful and beautiful white flower names here.

So let's see the names and pictures of white flowers

White Flowers Name List

Adenium Flower Anemone
Amaryllis Alstroemeria
Anemone Amaryllis
Bacopa Butterfly Bush
Baby’s-Breath Butterfly Pea
Begonia Calla Lily
Camellia Crinum Lily
Clematis Flower Columbine
Corn Marigold Cosmos
Candytuft Daffodil
Chrysanthemum Dahlia
Dendrobium Orchid Dianthus
Double Chandni Daisy Flower
Double Amaryllis Dianthus Caryophyllus
Delphinium Dogwood
Foxglove Fan Flower
Gardenia Gerbera Daisy
Hibiscus Hydrangea
Hellebores Hyacinth
Ixora White Flower Jasmine
Lantana Flower Lobelia
White Lotus Bougainvillea
Lily Lily of the Valley
Lilac Lupine
Magnolia Mondevilla
Moon flower Marigold
Morning Glory Mondevilla
Mussaenda Nemesia
Orchid Flower Oleander Flower
Periwinkle Plumeria Flower
Petunia Peony
Primrose Rose
Ranunculus Scabiosa
Snowdrop Snapdragon
Spider Lily Tuberose Flower
Tecoma Flower Trumpet Flower
Tulip Vinca
Wisteria Waterlily
White Bouvardia Yucca Flowers
Yarrow Flowers ---

White Flowers Images With Names

Here information is given with names and photos of white flowers. You must read it.

 White Rose 

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures

The white rose is a symbol of purity, innocence and unconditional love.  It is also considered a symbol of peace, so you can also give a rose of this color to apologize to someone. Each color of rose has a different meaning, so if you want to express your feelings in the right way, then it is also necessary for you to know the meaning of roses and their color.

 White Hibiscus 

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures

Hibiscus flower is found all over the world. And this flower looks very attractive due to its beautiful looking big petals. More than 200 species are found and it bears red, yellow, purple, orange and white flowers. This flower of hibiscus is fragrance-free, that is, it does not have any kind of fragrance. This flower is also used in making many types of Ayurvedic medicines.

 White Periwinkle 

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures

The evergreen flower is found in many colors. Like white, pink, red, blue and also blooms in mixed colors. The flowers on this plant are not very fragrant but it looks very attractive due to its beautiful looking small petals. That is why this flower is found in almost all the houses and no matter what the season is winter, summer or rain, flowers keep blooming on it for twelve months. Also, the evergreen plant can be grown very easily everywhere.  Because even after taking very little care on it, very good flowers bloom.

 White Jasmine 

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures

The fragrance emanating from inside this flower is captivating, which makes the environment around us pleasant by smelling completely. And because of this fragrance, it is also known as the queen of the night. The color and size of this flower attracts both. Apart from jasmine, it is also known by other names like Bela, Gandhraj, Mogra, Mallika etc. All these are species of jasmine flower and all these names have been mentioned in the list above.

 White Oleander 

Flowers are found in different species of oleander in white, red, yellow, and pink colors. This plant is found almost everywhere in India. Kaner flowers are also used as Sanjeevani herb.

 White Daisy 

Beautiful white Flowers Names with Pictures

Daisy flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world which are very beautiful to look at. Daisy flowers are found mostly in white and pink colors. The center part of this flower is yellow, although in some species this color can be different, which is also called floral disc, it keeps all the petals of this flower connected.


Hey friends!  These were the white flower names and presented it to you through a table so that you can easily read the white flower name.

Apart from this, you will definitely tell us your thoughts about how you liked this article of white flowers name, your views are very important for us. Thank you!

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