50 Types of Beautiful Red Flowers Names with Pictures

In today's article, red flowers name has been shared with you.  And along with the list of names of red flowers given here, red flowers images have also been given so that you can easily identify all the flowers.

beautiful Red Flowers Names and images
Red Flowers Names

Sometimes we need a list of names of such flowers. Because red color has special significance in the world of flowers. If we list the red flowers that grow around the world, it is very long. That is why we have compiled a list of some useful and beautiful red flower names here.

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There are many types of flowers found all over the world and these flowers are often named on the basis of their properties or uses and these flowers also have scientific names. Everyone has their own choice regarding flowers, many people like red color in flowers and many people like white color flowers. So let's see the red flowers names with pictures

11 Types of Red Flowers Name List

1 Red Rose लाल गुलाब
2 Hibiscus गुड़हल का फूल
3 Red Marigold गेंदे का फूल
4 Lily Flower लिली
5 Red Sunflower लाल सूरजमुखी
6 Daisy गुलबहार
7 Royal poinciana गुलमोहर के फूल
8 Gladiolus ग्लेडियोलस
9 Bleeding Heart flower ब्लीडिंग हार्ट फूल
10 periwinkle सदाबहार
11 Dahlia flower डहेलिया

10 Types of Red Flowers Name

  • Calla Lily
  • Freesia
  • Coleus
  • Hellebores
  • Cosmos
  • Begonia
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Coneflower
  • Clematis
  • Daylily
  • Freesia

Red Flowers Names and Pictures

 Red Rose 

beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

Red rose is the most favorite of all roses. They symbolize love, admiration, romance and gratitude. The color of roses also shows the feelings behind them. If someone presents a red rose to a loved one, it is a symbol of the feeling of love. However, the yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. Red roses have been used to express love for decades.


beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

The main use of this flower is for decoration. Marigold flower is beautiful and attractive, it also has a fragrant aroma from inside. Marigold flowers are also used for worship in temples. Marigold is one of the most widely grown flowers in India. And it is used extensively as a religious and ornamental flower.

 Lily Flower 

beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

The flower of lily comes in many colors, it changes color according to its species. In some species it is red in color and in some it is found in colors like orange or white. Lily flower is very attractive and magnificent. It has many species found all over the world. If you put lily flower in your house, then it enhances the beauty of your house.


beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

Hibiscus flower is an attractive and beautiful flower. This flower is as beautiful as it is healthy. The oil made from its flower is beneficial for hair. Like other flowers, many types of species are found in this too. Because of which this flower has different colors. This flower of hibiscus is fragrance-free, that is, it does not have any kind of fragrance.


beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

This flower is usually seen more in three colors pink, purple and white, apart from this flowers with red, dark pink or a mixture of two colors can also be seen in many places. This flower has a total of five petals. These flowers may be small, but they appear in continuous bloom on the plant every single season, hence the name evergreen.

 Daisy Flower 

beautiful Red Flowers Names and Pictures

This flower comes in the list of all the beautiful flowers in the world.  It looks very beautiful and attractive to look at.  This flower blooms with sunrise and fades with sunset. When we go to meet someone in happiness, then a bouquet of these flowers is also given as a gift. These flowers are found in red, white, pink and yellow colours.

More 44 Types of Red Flowers Names

Azalea Amaranthus
Anthurium Alstroemeria
Anemone Amaryllis
Begonia Carnation
Cardinal Flower Canna
Calla Lily Columbine
Coleus Cosmos
Cockscomb Coneflower
Clematis Dianthus Caryophyllus
Daylily Freesia
Gerbera Daisy Hellebores
Gloxinia Gaillardia
Geranium Hyacinth
Hardy Mum Lycoris
Orchid Pentas
Poppy Peony
Petunia Poinsettia
Perennial Geranium Ranunculus
Sweet-Peas Salvia
Scarlet Bee Balm Tulips
Streptocarpus Verbena
Snap Dragon Zonal


That's friends! This was the red flowers name which we presented to you through a table so that you can easily read these names of red flowers.

Apart from this, you will definitely tell us your thoughts about how you liked this article of red flowers name, your views are very important for us. Thank you!

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