30+ Colours Name in Sanskrit | संस्कृत में रंगों के नाम

You must know the names of colors name in hindi and english, but you might not know about colour name in sanskrit, so in today's article we will get information about all sanskrit colours name.

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Sanskrit language is considered to be the oldest language of the world.  That's why along with Hindi and English, we should also have knowledge of Sanskrit language.  Because many times questions related to colors are also asked in Sanskrit in competitive exams.  From here you can learn Sanskrit color name for the preparation of such exams.

Colours Name in Sanskrit | संस्कृत में रंगो के नाम
Colours Name in Sanskrit

Colors have special importance in our life.  They hold a special place in our lives.  If seen, colors are more important in a festival like Holi in India, in this festival everyone colors each other with colors and celebrates.  Every color has its own special significance.

Children should also be aware of such colors because they are often asked about (sanskrit mein rango ke naam) in school or any exam, which is very important for children to have knowledge about this subject.  That is why through this article we will get information about colors in Sanskrit.  So let's know color in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Colours Name - रंगों के नाम संस्कृत में

colours name in sanskrit को टेबल के द्वारा नीचे बताए गए हैं। जीसमे संस्कृत के साथ-साथ उनके अर्थ हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में भी दिए गए हैं, जिससे आपको color in sanskrit को सीखने और समझने में आसानी रहेगी।

colors name in sanskrit are given below by the table.  In which along with Sanskrit, their meanings have also been given in Hindi and English, so that it will be easy for you to learn and understand color in Sanskrit.

10 - Sanskrit Colour Name

No. English Hindi Sanskrit
1 White सफेद शुक्लः, श्वेतः
2 Red लाल लोहितः, रक्तवर्णः
3 Blue नीला नीलः
4 Navy blue गहरा नीला असित नीलः
5 Green हरा हरितः, पलाशः
6 Yellow पीला पीतः, हरिद्राभः
7 Maroon गहरा लाल रंग असित लोहितः
8 Black काला श्यामः, कालः, कृष्णः
9 Golden सुनहरा सुवर्ण:
10 Pink गुलाबी पाटलः, श्वेतरक्तः

  • White शुक्लः, श्वेतः
  • Red लोहितः, रक्तवर्णः
  • Blue नीलः
  • Navy blue असित नीलः
  • Green हरितः, पलाशः
  • Yellow पीतः, हरिद्राभः
  • Maroon असित लोहितः
  • Black श्यामः, कालः, कृष्णः
  • Golden सुवर्ण:
  • Pink पाटलः, श्वेतरक्तः

20 - Colour Name In Sanskrit

No. English Hindi Sanskrit
11 Gray, Grey स्लेटी/धूसर धूसरः, धूषरः, धूम्रवर्ण:
12 Azure नीला आकाशवर्ण:
13 Brown भूरा श्यावः, कपिशः
14 Silver चांदी जैसा रंग रजतवर्ण:
15 Magenta मैजेंटा मैजेंटा वर्ण:
16 Purple बैंगनी धूम्रवर्ण:
17 Crimson गहरा लाल शोणः
18 Khaki खाकी रंग खाकी वर्ण
19 Orange नारंगी के रंग का कौसुम्भः, नारङगवर्णः
20 Cyan सियान इन्दीवर वर्ण:

30 - Sanskrit Mein Rango Ke Naam

No. English Hindi Sanskrit
21 Teal टील टीलवर्ण:
22 Reddish Brown लाल भूरे रंग का अरुणः
23 Wheat गेहूँ जैसा रंग गोधुमवर्ण:
24 Fuchsia फ्यूशिया फ्यूशिया
25 Lime चूना अम्लसार वर्ण:
26 Charcoal कोयले जैसा काला कालिमन् वर्ण:
27 Plum बेर जैसे हरा आलूकं वर्ण:
28 Aquamarine अक्वामरीन अक्वामरीन:
29 Hot pink गरम गुलाबी पाटल:
30 Pea green मटर जैसे हरा हरेणुवर्ण:
31 Ivory हाथी दांत हस्तिदन्त: वर्ण:
32 Olive ज़ैतून के रंग का जितवृक्षवर्ण:

Colours Name in Sanskrit with Pictures

Colours Name in Sanskrit | संस्कृत में रंगो के नाम

Sanskrit Colours Name FAQ's

1. What is called colour in Sanskrit?

The word for "color" in Sanskrit is "varNa" (वर्ण).

2. What are the 6 colors name in Sanskrit?

(1) White सफेद शुक्लः, श्वेतः (2) Red लाल लोहितः, रक्तवर्णः (3) Blue नीला नीलः (4) Green हरा हरितः, पलाशः (5) Yellow पीला पीतः, हरिद्राभः (6) Black काला श्यामः, कालः, कृष्णः -- अधिक नाम पढ़ें...

3. What is white Colour in Sanskrit?

The Sanskrit word for "white" color is "shukla" (शुक्ल).

4. What is blue called in Sanskrit?

The Sanskrit word for "blue" is "nīla" (नील).

5. What is the Sanskrit word for black Colour?

The Sanskrit word for "black" color is "kṛṣṇa" (कृष्ण).

6. LAL को संस्कृत में क्या कहते हैं?

"लाल" रंग को संस्कृत में लोहितः और रक्तवर्णः कहते है।

7. हरा का संस्कृत क्या होता है?

"हरा" रंग के लिए संस्कृत शब्द हरितः एवं पलाशः है।

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Hello friends!  These were sanskrit colour name and presented these colours in front of you through a table so that you can read colour name in sanskrit easily.

Apart from this, you must tell us your views that how did you like this article on colours in sanskrit, your views are very important for us.  Thanks for reading the article

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